As the year 2020 is coming up, it is important you map out plans to make it eventful and easy for yourself. However, the success of 2020 depends on how well you have planned and prepared for whatsoever that comes your way. I will give you seven (7) things you should start doing in 2020 to make it successful Start saving: Saving is very important. I know we have a lot of problems and personal issues to solve, but try as much as possible to save a little sum of money in case of a rainy day. Some people live from hand to mouth, that nonsense should not be done in 2020. When you receive your salary, make a total expenditure and save the ones remaining: no matter how small. Just save! Study your environment in case of possible business opportunities. Many people have been living in a particular neighborhood for a long time but do not pay attention to the needs or opportunities that may arise. It may not be your immediate environment, but it is important to to study and observe your environment for possible business opportunities. These days, pure water selling, poultry business, tailoring, etc are saturated in the market. Which means that almost everyone engages in it, this makes it difficult to make money from such ventures. Be unique and grab the slightest opportunity in your environment. Read more books in 2020. Knowledge doesn’t end in reading posts or tweets in the internet. See, you might read a thousand posts and tweets on the internet and end up not getting a meaningful information or knowledge. However, go out to bookshops or the library and read “real” books and feel the joy of enjoying a hard cover book. Many secrets, opportunities and information are in books! Invest on your looks. This coming year 2020, try as much as possible to look good and smell nice. You may not have the cash to get designers outfits but a proper management, ironing and Washing of the ones you have will determine the way people see you on first meeting. Packaging is important! Avoid things and people that will make you feel depressed and unhappy. There are people in our lives that are hellbent on scattering your life. If they make you feel unhappy and sad, quickly cut them off this 2020. Try as much as possible to smile and be happy always. Living a happy life depends on your attitude towards life, how you smile and laugh at things to make you happy. Care less about what people say or think about you. Your happiness matters a lot. And don’t forget to mind your business. Therefore, as the year comes to an end don’t forget to eat healthy. Don’t do junks and take care of your health, without a good health you can never achieve the above plan! Happy Christmas and New year!

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